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Commercial Services

Commercial Maintenance


Many people don’t realize the amount of work and responsibility that comes with being a property manager. The attention to detail that is needed in all aspects of the property to make sure everything is operating smoothly and efficiently. To ensure that their client is always happy. 

Let AFJ Landscaping do the same for you and your commercial property. We understand the attention to details that it takes to horticulturally maintain a commercial property, while accenting the different attributes of the property during all seasons of the year. We have specialized in maintaining commercial properties for 20 years now, from homeowner’s associations, community entrance & pool areas, office parks, recreational parks, industrial parks, retail, and city landscape.  

Landscape Design & Installation


 We will work together with you to bring you the most attractive and appealing landscape look to any commercial property. Whether it be an HOA community, office, or park our landscape design will change the entire appeal and bring out the best of your property. 

Seasonal Flower Installation

   Another areas where we flourish is our seasonal flower installation, where we combine our creativity with the different annuals plants and colors of the season to bring to you the most eye catching and pleasing season flower beds.